About Us

Let’s begin with the boring stuff. My name is Keith, I’ve lived in Huddersfield most of my life and began working at the ripe old age of 14 on a farm in Linthwaite delivering milk and helping out with general chores. After that I joined Royal Mail as a postie for 7 years. So from the age of 14 until my early thirties I’d grafted, I’d done my early morning starts and I’d faced everything that Yorkshire weather could throw at me. I then worked for 10 years at a family run furniture business in Slaithwaite which I loved and I would happily have seen my working days out there. Destiny had other plans. The years of hard outdoor work had taken their toll on my knees and after 3 operations with no success I was still in a lot of pain after standing for up to 12 hours a day. I had to change my career. The solution came knocking on my door from my neighbour who happened to be the owner of a driving school franchise and asked if I wanted to train to become a driving instructor. 8 months after starting my training I passed my part 3 ADI Test first time and I have been teaching ever since.

Now for the exciting stuff. What am I going to teach you?

During the first lesson I will be showing you around the car, introducing what we call the cockpit drill, teaching you how to use all of the controls within the car and emphasising how important the mirrors will become in future lessons. We will also discuss your plans for working towards your theory test and If we have time we will also begin to go through my syllabus.

The next few lessons will gradually go through the basics of driving which includes moving off and stopping and teaching you how to approach and emerge from junctions.

After that it’s the dreaded roundabouts. Depending on your skill level we may spend a few lessons on this subject.

Further on in your training I will introduce other subjects such as pedestrian crossings, meeting vehicles, priorities at crossroads, lane discipline and anticipation.

When I believe you are getting near to test standard, we will both discuss when we feel it is right to book your practical driving test and begin to do mock tests in the run up to the day of your test.