“I can’t thank Alison enough for her patience and kindness when teaching me to drive. As a nervous driver, who had avoided learning to drive for a very long time, it needed to be someone special to help me pass my test. I’m so glad I bit the bullet and made the decision to contact Keith about starting lessons with them. Thanks to all the advice and reassurance from Alison (and some top tips passed on from Keith) I managed to pass first time, after only 6 months of lessons! If you are looking for a new instructor, don’t hesitate in contacting Noob Learner, you won’t regret it.”

Katie Farrington 

“Alison has been an amazing instructor, very patient and her teaching is to a very high standard. My daughter Emma has passed with Alison and wouldn’t go anywhere else so my other daughter Lucy is also having lessons with Alison, both girls talk very highly of her and say that she put them at easy so they weren’t nervous . Highly recommended for an instructor.”

Kirsty (Emma Tyler’s mum)

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Alison, she is an amazing and kind teacher, and is great at restoring your confidence when it slips. Keith also helped me before my test to get that extra bit of confidence in my driving. Thank you for the first time pass!!”

Amy Hughes

“Loved being taught by Alison (and Keith on occasion!) Both such genuine and nice people! Really patient and kind and always lovely to chat with! Thank you so much to the both of you!!”

Emily Marsden

“Well, what can I say. I started my lessons with Alison at the end of September 2021 and managed to pass my test this summer! Alison was absolutely brilliant, very easy going and reassuring even when I made a mistake or two. I also had Keith on an occasion and he was brilliant too, so if you’re wondering whether to book with Noob Learner… honestly do it, you won’t regret it as they are both brilliant! 🙂”

Seb McDonagh

“I had Alison as an instructor and she was amazing. She was so patient and reassuring which allowed me to feel confident in what I was doing! Always a great help and an easy person to talk to. Thank you once again 👍🏻”

Holly Fisher

“I had Alison as my instructor, she was an incredible teacher and answered any questions. Very good paced lessons with no time wasted at all. I’d highly recommend Noob Learner it got me to pass first time :)”

Judd Haigh

“Alison has been an amazing instructor who answered any questions I had and made me feel so comfortable during all my lessons. So kind and really helped with my confidence before my test which lead me to passing first time:) If you’re looking for an instructor I would 100% recommend alison”

Mia Franks

“Alison is a wonderful instructor! Always there to give feedback on any questions you have, asking what you need to learn so the lessons are catered to your needs and just a very lovely person in general. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone who’s looking for a driving instructor.”

Luke Earnshaw from Linthwaite

“Absolutely buzzing 🙂 Lauren Allinson has only gone and passed her driving test this morning, first time! Would like to say a huge Thank You to Keith at Noob Learner who has been absolutely fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone. And if he thought he’d seen the last of us then he was wrong as Amy Allinson had her very first lesson yesterday afternoon and I’m pleased to say she came home happy. School exams are all well and good but learning to drive is a skill that stays with you for life and is something that can be used every single day so is absolutely worth every penny. Insurance for young people may be ridiculously expensive and Lauren may not have her own car but when she graduates she will now be in a position to grab those job opportunities and not miss out.”

Dawn (Lauren’s Mum) from Golcar

“Keith is a fantastic instructor, teaching me from scratch. He has helped me to become a confident, Independent driver. Each lesson was both fun and challenging and always left me feeling like I was making progress. Thanks again Keith.”

Ryan Scarborough from Berry Brow

“I started with Keith just over two months ago, 10 lessons later and I’ve passed my test first attempt, really comforting guy, really good teacher, I’d recommend him to anyone who’s new to driving.”

Mason Hill from Linthwaite

“I had a brilliant time with Noob learner. Keith the instructor is fantastic. I couldn’t of asked for anyone better to start and finish with. He’s lovely and down to earth, a great guy and we always had a great laugh and I fully recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Top bloke” 💯👌🏼

Asher Brereton from Slaithwaite

“Keith has been an amazing instructor. I had tried to learn well over a decade ago and didn’t have a great instructor. When I met Keith I was really negative about starting lessons again, and it was just a means to an end. Very soon Keith had me enjoying my lessons, increased my confidence week on week and always ended the lesson with what had gone well as well as what I needed to work on. Keith keeps you learning at a safe but good pace introducing manoeuvres early on which helps with clutch control etc. Keith is kind, patient and enthusiastic about what he does. I passed first time this morning and I’m over moon. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks again Keith.”

Emily O Flynn from Wellhouse

“would deffo recommend Keith as a driving instructor. I started off with him with no driving experience at all and very nervous to start out. He’s massively patient and helped me work at my weaknesses to go on and pass my test 1st time. Can not thank him enough. 5/5 stars from me.”

Katie Heaton from Linthwaite

“Amazing Instructor, would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive at any age. I have experienced other instructors in the past and have been put off driving from them, but Keith made it so that I actually looked forward to wanting to drive again and even when I felt I had an off lesson he would always build my confidence back up. Enjoyed every single lesson and so thankful he helped me pass on my first attempt! Carly“

Carly Boothroyd from Linthwaite

“I came to Keith just a few months ago after having previously been with another instructor and taken my test once already, which I abandoned half way through. Keith tidied up my driving in no time and most importantly built up my confidence. Keith is an amazing teacher that will make you feel at ease quickly and is very knowledgeable. I can happily say that I have just passed my test today and I owe so much to him. Thank you, Keith.”

Nicole Jennings from Golcar

“Keith was my last instructor out of a couple and most definitely the best. He really built up my confidence not only by his experience and knowledge but by his personality and commitment to his job. He didn’t get annoyed or angry with my consistent silly mistakes and he got me test ready when other instructors thought I was miles away. I passed first time, which I thought I would never do this time last year. I would recommend Keith to anyone wanting to learn wether they are nervous first starters or even test ready.”

Jack Mellor from Crosland Moor

“I would definitely recommend noob learner. I was at ease from the moment I got in the car as Keith was always friendly and encouraging. Thanks to him my driving quickly improved and I managed to pass first time! His instructing was just what I needed to get my driving up to test standard and I really appreciate all the help he gave me. Cheers Keith!!”

Izzie Jones from Thongsbridge

“I had no experience of driving when I first went out with Keith. He was very patient with me and gave me the confidence I needed. I thought I wasn’t ready but passed both my practical and written test first time. Thank you for believing in me . I highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for a driving instructor.”

Jack Horsfall from Linthwaite

“Keith is a fantastic instructor, he is always patient and his lessons are always challenging with great structure. He gives you confidence and teaches you how to be a good safe driver. He is always professional, honest and clear with his instructions. I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor and I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Keith and all the best for the future.”

Mr Ben Alderson from Slaithwaite

“I passed just yesterday at only first attempt. Keith is a real professional and an amazing teacher. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants not to waste time and money and who would like to be an independent and safe driver.”

Kateryna Gurieva from Newsome

“Passed first time, Keith made me a confident and safe driver. Honestly couldn’t of asked for a better instructor. He made me feel at ease before my test and in previous lessons and gave me support throughout the whole experience. Thank you !!!”

Andrew Troon from Kirkby Lonsdale

“Keith is a very patient and reliable instructor, who provides an enjoyable, well thought out and structured programme. He tailors lessons to match your own personal strengths and weaknesses which enabled me to make fast progress to test standard. He aims to make every student the perfect driver not just test ready and I can’t recommend him enough!”

Erin Tait from Meltham

“I would definitely recommend Keith as a driving instructor. He found a great balance between encouragement and constructive criticism that really helped me learn and gain confidence as a driver. The lessons were enjoyable and Keith was always on the ball keeping the car in control as I was learning and making mistakes. Thanks Keith”

David Speight from Marsh

“Learning with Keith was an absolute pleasure from lesson one. His vast knowledge and friendly manner made every lesson enjoyable.  Keith got me up to test standard faster than I could have hoped for and has taught me to be a safe and responsible driver.
Thank you Keith for helping me on the road to success! :)”

Jaimie Kelly from Milnsbridge

“After taking a bunch of driving lessons twelve years prior and not really getting anywhere, I was quite reluctant to the idea of getting into it again – but Keith made me feel totally at ease about starting again (essentially from scratch!), and was absolutely brilliant throughout my lessons. Keith is a super friendly instructor, and he was always ready to boost my confidence when I was doing well, and offered nothing but fair and constructive criticism when I was making mistakes – even when I was having a bit of a flap! He’s incredibly thorough in his teaching and was accommodating to anything I was having issues with, and I’m still absolutely blown away that I passed first time. I couldn’t be happier to have had Keith as an instructor, and I’m looking forward to getting some post-pass motorway experience with him. I’d recommend him as an instructor in a heartbeat – great guy, great instructor. Cheers Keith!”

Adam Fielding from Almondbury

“Keith was a very good driving instructor, helping me learn the basics of driving as quickly and easily as possible. He helped me develop my skills as a driver throughout whilst encouraging me and helping me work on my weaknesses. Overall a very good Instructor and would not hesitate in recommending him to my friends. Cheers Keith👍”

Luka Orlic from Sowood

“After failing 7 times with a previous instructor I passed first time with Keith who was very reassuring and gave me a confidence boost. He targeted all the weaknesses and we would develop on them during the lessons. I highly recommend him to use if your wanting to believe in yourself and pass your test with flying colours!!!”

Rebekah Easingwood from Deighton

“I would highly recommend Keith to help you learn to drive. He made me feel at ease from my very first lesson. He was patient with me and very easy to get along with. I can’t thank him enough for helping me get through it all and believing in me. I still can’t believe I’ve passed first time. Thank you so much Keith.”

Bronte Restall from Quarmby

“My experience with Keith as my driving instructor is one of the most useful and beneficial endeavours I have ever undertaken. As a dynamic, experienced and knowledgeable instructor, Keith has displayed a high level of professionalism that is second to none. He is patient, understanding, kind and his punctuality is on point as he is never late. If you make a mistake, he is never punitive but always reassuring and understanding. He has aided in the boosting of my confidence on the road. He answered all my numerous, annoying questions with great detail and clarity. Feeling nervous, worried or anxious as your driving test date draws nigh? Not to worry or fear, because Keith is here! He will assess you thoroughly and fairly, will give you the best suggestions and expert advice that will indubitably ensure you pass the very first time. I’m very happy that I have chosen to be a student under Keith’s amazing tutelage. I am proud to say that I couldn’t have done it without Keith’s kind assistance. I therefore recommend him whole heartedly to anyone who wants to get his/her driving licence the very first time. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience around the wheel, Keith will deliver! Thanks Keith!”

Patrice Hill from Linthwaite

“Keith was the best instructor, he had such patience with me, also he is a really nice person, really easy to get along with which made the whole experience enjoyable and I looked forward to every lesson. The way he teaches helps you to learn fast and he shows you all the skills you need to become a good, safe driver.”

Jack Brier – Bradley. 21/02/2018

“I’ve loved every second of learning to drive and having Keith as an instructor has made it easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.”

Paige Watson – Birkby 01/02/2018

“Keith was just the instructor I needed because I hadn’t felt confident with previous driving lessons elsewhere. He was supportive, focused on the positives and if I made a mistake he would stay calm and not make a big deal out of it which stopped me from panicking too much. I’m now much more confident in my driving ability and can’t wait to drive my own car.”

Dominic Lodge-Golcar 14/09/2017

“Driving with Keith has been a wonderful experience. He makes driving fun. Not only does he teach you to drive but also is very good at building your confidence”

Monica Garcia Del Torro 06/09/2017

“Keith is an awesome and friendly teacher, very honest and encouraging but strict when he needs to be. I would highly recommend him.”

Will Gale – Meltham 08/09/2017

“Thank you soo soo much for all of your patience and helping me through my test and believing in me X”

Vicqui Butterworth – Paddock 17/08/2017

“Keith is an incredibly patient and understanding instructor. He not only gives a thorough and clear understanding of what you need to know for your test, but also teaches how to be a safe and economical driver in the long run.

The longer lessons help to perfect general driving and refine certain techniques. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Keith to anyone wanting to learn!
Thank you so much, it still hasn’t sunk in that I have a licence yet!”

Becky Turner – Almondbury 31/08/2017

“Could not have asked for a better instructor, amazing lessons that were extremely understandable and well taught. I always felt really comfortable despite being a learner driver. I would not hesitate in recommending Keith to other people wanting driving lessons. 10/10. I am definitely going to enquire about motorway lessons”

Charlotte Holmes – Linthwaite 30/11/2017